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May Showcase

May Showcase

Projects, patterns, and more!


Hi, how are you all? Still on this wild ride with the rest of us? It’s a crazy world right now, for sure.  I’ve decided to call this post May Showcase instead of the usual Round Up. Showcase just sounds so much nicer, so let’s stick with that from now on, yeah?

This month has been FULL of beautiful, scrumptious yarn that I have thoroughly enjoyed playing with. I’ve published a pattern, worked on writing some more patterns, am working on updating an oldie but goodie, and have had so many wonderful things fall off my hook! Let me show you…


I’ve had so much fun putting together this May Showcase for y’all! Above, you can see all the stuff I’ve been working on this month.

This month I crocheted two Baby Yoda dollies, wrote up a pattern and crocheted a bunch of Blooming Hand Towels, and made a bunch of Best Potholders. I completed the second in the Elemental Dragons series, Fire. A beaded cape and a YipYip went out to a sweet customer, and I got to stitch up another Carnival Glass! This one was for a great friend and customer, and in a colorway of Muse that I hadn’t used before, called “Untamed.” Didn’t it turn out so nice?

I also sent off a package to WeCrochet for their Independent Designers Program (IDP) so they could photograph all the items. Don’t you just love a big fluffy package of yarn stuffs?


Blooming Hand Towel

I released this free pattern on my blog this month, and it has done astoundingly well! But really, who wouldn’t want a little row of join-as-you-go flowers gracing their kitchen? Click the pic to check it out!


This is the BIG DEAL pattern that will be hitting my Ravelry shop in June. My testers have been wonderful and I can’t wait to share it with you. Everyone needs a lace-weight shawlette for the summer! Click the pic to visit my Ravelry shop.

Lip Balm Cozy

My key-ring Lip Balm Cozy pattern will be the next to get a facelift. Grab it now at $1.99 before I add the stylesheet and spruce up the pics and the update will be FREE! If you wait until after the update goes through, the new price will be $4.99.


Now I want to tell you the most exciting part of this post (well, the most exciting for ME, anyway!) 

As of right now, today, I have completed ALL orders, there is no test for WeCrochet in-house, both patterns accepted by Interweave Crochet are complete, and Summer Specials & Customs doesn’t open until next week. It will be open for a whole week, meaning I won’t be working on orders during that time. Then the yarn has to be ordered and will take at least another week to get to me so I can start work.

Do you know what this means?

It means I have THREE WHOLE WEEKS, at the very least, in which I can design patterns, update patterns, make swatches, send in proposals, and just generally enjoy some time playing with yarn. I am thrilled to have this little chunk of time for being creative and following my yarny desires. So far, I have around 10 design ideas that I plan to get down on paper, as well as swatched. I will be updating my lip balm cozy pattern in my Ravelry shop. Today I am even starting a purple-black alpaca/Merino/silk poncho FOR MYSELF! Ahhhh…. this is the life.

I hope you’ve enjoyed our May Showcase. If you have found value in this post, please share! Pin it, tweet it, drop a comment, follow me on instagram, hit up my facebook page (and from there, be sure to join my group because that’s where all the action is!) and check out some of the free patterns here on my blog. Thank you so much for being here. Your loyalty and patronage- and especially friendship- mean the world to me ♥

February RoundUp

February RoundUp

FOs, Patterns, and other news

Well February came in like a storm here at R&R, and left almost the same. It has been one thing after another, with every single one of us getting sick at one point. We all got some much-needed haircuts by the fabulous Brittni at Holmes Hair Studio (if you’re in the area, go to her and tell her I sent you!) and I discovered that Ulta is both my new favorite store and my wallet’s worst enemy.  Meanwhile, the weather lost its mind in SC, and decided to go from 70°F to FREAKING SNOW overnight. I just can’t figure out what to wear, but it’ll be okay. Spring is marching in! ( <– See what I did there? Marching? I’m hilarious.)

What have we got to show for the shortest month of the year? More than we bargained for, I can tell you that. Allow me to share this February RoundUp with you….

Finished Objects


This month I released a new crocheted hat pattern called Flatter. This springtime hat is made using only ONE BALL of WeCrochet’s Cotlin, a DK weight cotton/linen blend. I have long loved this yarn for things like kitchen towels and market bags, but it makes excellent warm weather garments and accessories, too!

I designed this hat as a base for your own artistic inspiration. Wanna cover it in flowers? Or maybe weave a ribbon through it? Perhaps you’d like to add some beads or feathers or something super unique. DO IT! And tag your hat #RowsAndRosesFlatter to inspire the rest of us.

Wrappin' it up

All in all, I’d say it’s been a pretty stellar month, wouldn’t you? We’re wrapping up a Headband With A Twist KAL and a Felici On The Double Hat CAL in the Ravelry group in order to make way for the March -alongs. Maracas Bowls and “something knitted with cables” are both coming up on March 1st so please come join us! And if you haven’t checked out the latest info post on the blog about spinning yarn, be sure to give it a lookover, too.

We’ve got a St. Pat’s FLASH opening in the facebook group tomorrow, and the Spring/Easter Specials & Customs opening on March 5th. I’ve got three new patterns mostly written and another half dozen in various stages of completion, so be sure to keep an eye out for those. If you haven’t signed up for the newsletter yet, please do. I have so much fun putting this together every month, and sometimes I even include a fun surprise gift.

Thanks for hanging with me. Your friendship makes me feel cool and loved and included ♥  If you’ve enjoyed this February RoundUp, please consider tweeting, pinning, commenting, or otherwise sharing. Every little action you take helps my little business to grow!

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