Small Business Saturday

Here we gooooo!

You know what time it is…. time to forget all about that corporate Black Friday madness and shop small instead!

Support your local community by coming out on Nov. 25, the Saturday after Thanksgiving, and checking off your holiday list while helping out your favorite small businesses.

Here at Rows & Roses Yarn & Fiber, we’re collaborating with other small local businesses to bring you a chance to win a HUGE gift bag, stuffed full of so many wonderful items. From handmade soap, to Magic cards, to a hand dyed learn-to-spin kit (who put that there?!) and so much more, make sure you come shop with us!

While there are still more small businesses to come, we have items from so many already that I wanted to get a picture of our prize bag so far. Above you can see books from First Chapter Bookshop, a shawl stick from World of Woodcraft, a learn-to-spin kit from Rows & Roses (that’s me!) some gorgeous handmade jewelry from Raventree Studios, and more. This is already the largest SBS giveaway we’ve had so far, and a little something from Nevermore Tattoo and Blackberry Hill Soap is on the way…

Wanna see who all is participating this year? Read on, my friend.

Meet the Businesses

Nevermore Tattoo

Brock Glenn of Nevermore Tattoo, here in Seneca, SC, is known for his soft touch and gentle rotary tattoo machines.
He specializes in black and gray tattos, as well as dotwork and text. His lettering truly looks like it’s printed from a machine!
He can design for you the perfect special piece.
Be sure to text him for your next tattoo at 864-723-6385, and find him on Facebook and Instagram.

Blackberry Hill Soap

Blackberry Hill Soap, based in Pickens, SC,  makes all of their goatmilk soap by hand at their farm. I’ve had the personal pleasure of using some of their soaps (acquired at a festival last spring,) and I can tell you firsthand that they are wonderful! I love supporting small local farms, and the couple who own it are simply delightful!

Find them on Facebook and Instagram.

Decks & Dice

For all your gaming needs, check out Decks & Dice LLC in beautiful downtown Seneca. From Magic, to Dungeons & Dragons, to Warhammer, to Yugioh and more, meet new friends while immersing yourself in the local gaming community!

Find Decks & Dice on Facebook.  Visit their shop at 115 E. North 1st St. Seneca.

Raventree Studios

Raventree Studios is one of my favorite places for handmade gifts. Summer makes resin and clay jewelry as well as fine art, but she absolutely excels at resin and wood waterscapes (in my humble opinion.) If you’re looking for a serving board for your holiday table, she’s got you there, too!

Find Raventree on Facebook and the website

World of Woodcraft

For all of your woodworking needs, look no further than World of Woodcraft. Located in Seneca, this amazing couple do all of their woodworking in a shop right beside their house to bring us lots of fantastic items such as shawl sticks, jewelry, custom signs, and more. Let them know what you need, and they’ll make it happen!

Find World of Woodcraft on Facebook

First Chapter Bookshop

I’m so excited to introduce you to the new kid in town. Taylor at First Chapter Bookshop in downtown Seneca has really filled a need for us! This little shop, located on Ram Cat Alley, is full of books, puzzles, gifts, and more. There’s a cozy sitting area, and Taylor is super helpful and a pleasure to talk to. If you haven’t been in yet, you’ll definitely need to go.

Find them on Instagram and Facebook.

Carolina Classic Canine

Does your sweet furry companion need a bit of training? The awesome coaches at Carolina Classic Canine will make short work of it. They are animal whisperers, and are passionate about what they do.
Besides training, they also offer pet sitting. They’re friendly, firm, and dogs and cats love them!

Find them on Facebook, and make sure to visit their website!

Green Heart Awakening

There is a very special shop on the square in Pendleton that is one of my favorite places to go. Green Heart Awakening offers teas, spices, handmade soaps, crocheted goods (made by yours truly,) local art, fair trade chocolates, and so much more. They also have vegan soups and casseroles made fresh each week.
In addition to all the great items you’ll find there, they have a yoga studio where they offer all sorts of lessons and workshops. It’s such a relaxing environment, you won’t want to leave!

Find them on Facebook, Instagram, or visit their website.

So How Do You Win All This?

Well that’s easy: every $20 you spend at Rows & Roses, both in store and online, will earn you an entry. Shop all you want and treat your loved ones to some awesome hand-dyed yarn and fiber, fun stocking stuffers, or stash up for special handmade gifts from you. Entries can be earned from 10am to 5pm Eastern time on Nov. 25.

As usual, our Small Business Saturday is a whole party with all the fixings. So many things in the shop will be on sale, and the famous Hot Cocoa Buffet is coming back! That’s right… build your perfect cup of cocoa to sip while you shop. Marshmallows, candy canes, sprinkles, and more will be available. I’m even making cinnamon whipped cream, just for you ♥

So come join us! If you don’t, you’ll sure wish you did.

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