Jennlander Mitts

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When a wonderful new friend asked me about some Highlander-inspired mitts, I wasn’t even sure what that meant. We looked over patterns and I got a good idea, and then we decided that “something like that” would be perfect. Therefore, the Jennlander Mitts, designed for the lovely Jennifer, were born! Simple stitches make these mitts a super quick stitch, perfect for gifting or for building up some festival inventory. The thumb gusset is easy to do and offers better flexibility than a straight mitt, and the little faux cable along the top finishes these off quite nicely. Warm, squishy, and flying off your hook just as quickly as you please, I hope these mitts make you as happy as they make me.

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The Info

Ch (chain,) sl st (slip stitch,) fsc (foundation single crochet,) sc (single crochet,) scblo (single crochet through the back loop,) hdc (half-double crochet)

Yarn: DK #3 weight, 100 yards
Samples are all shown in Rows & Roses Hand-dyed Hip Hop DK “Tumbleweed” 1 skein

Hook: H or size needed to obtain gauge

Sizes: S (M, L) /7” (8”, 9”) around widest part of hand, all sizes 7.5” tall

Gauge: 12 scblo x 12 rounds = 4”


These mitts are worked in a spiral. Don’t join your rounds unless told to do so. This gives them a uniform appearance all the way around without any seams.

Your stitch count can be found at the end of each round after the =. If no count is indicated, then number is the same as the previous round.

Let's get started!

Fsc 21 (24, 27) 

Join by working a scblo into first fsc made, and then in every st around for a total of 10 rounds. Place marker (pm) into the first stitch of the first round and move it up each round.

Now we start the gusset increases.

1) 2scblo in first st, scblo in next st, 2scblo in next st (pm into 2nd st made) scblo around.  = 23 (26, 29) 

* You should have two markers on your mitt now; one in the first st of the round, and one in the fifth st. Move these markers up as you go. Right now you should have 3 st between the markers. This number will increase by 2 for each increase round.

2) 2scblo in first st, scblo in next 3 sts, 2scblo in next st, scblo around.  = 26 (28, 31)

3) 2scblo in first st, scblo in next 5 sts, 2scblo in next st, scblo around.  = 28 (30, 33)

4) 2scblo in first st, scblo in next 7 sts, 2scblo in next st, scblo around.  = 30 (32, 35)

5) 2scblo in first st, scblo in next 9 sts, 2scblo in next st, scblo around.  = 32 (34, 37)

Scblo in each st around for 5 rounds.

Now we create the thumb hole.

Scblo in first st, sk 9 (9, 11,) scblo around.  = 23 (25, 26)

Scblo around for 5 more rounds, stopping two stitches short on the fifth round. Sl st in the back loop of the next to last st, sl st (both loops) in the last st. Ch 1. TURN.

Faux cable round:

*hdc in first st, sl st in next st; rep from * around, skipping final stitch. Join with sl st to first st. Turn.

Ch 1, sc around. Join. 

Cut yarn, weave in ends.

You may sc around bottom edge to firm it up if you wish.

Ta Da!

Well done, friend! You’ve just made yourself some killer mitts. Don’t you love them? I’m so proud of you. I’d love to see what yours look like. Share on your favorite social media and tag me @rowsandroses and #JennlanderMitts so we can all admire your handiwork.

As always, if you need me, I’m just a click or to away:

Sati Glenn, owner and operator of Rows and Roses Fiberworks. 





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