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Celebrate togetherness this Thanksgiving with friends, family, and a lovely table. This Blessed bread cloth and French press cozy can be whipped up in no time. The super easy stitch pattern, while appearing involved, is really just mindless stitching. One skein of WeCrochet’s Static will make both a cloth and a cozy, and the wool content helps to keep your rolls and your coffee warm. Choose your favorite color and get your table in tip top shape! 
Grab your ad-free .pdf here for just $1.99 and help support this small business!

Getting Started

Stitches:  Ch, sc, dc
Yarn:  WeCrochet’s Static (Fingering-weight #1) 437 yards/100g “Hope Chest,” 1 skein
Notions:  Three ⅝” buttons
Hook:  H8/5mm or size needed to obtain gauge
Sizes:  Bread Cloth: 14 x 18”                  Cozy: 10 x 7.5”

Gauge:  2 shells x 6 rows = 2”

If you make the French press cozy first, then you can just go until you run out of yarn on the bread towel. I told you this was easy!

Let's start hookin'


French press cozy:

Ch 40

Row 1 : 2 dc in 4th ch from hook, *sk 2, sc, sk 2, shell; rep from * across, ending with 3 dc in final ch. Turn. = 5 shells, 2 half-shells

Row 2: Ch 1, *sc, sk 2, shell, sk 2; rep from * across, sc in final st. Turn.

Row 3-27:: Rep Row 2

Row 28: Ch 1, sc in each st across. 

Cut yarn, weave in ends.

Sew buttons, evenly spaced, to first row. One on each end, and one in the middle. Use spaces between stitches as button holes. 

Bread Cloth:

Ch 88

Row 1: 2 dc in 4th ch from hook, *sk 2, sc, sk 2, shell; rep from * across, ending with 3 dc in final ch. Turn.  = 13 shells, 2 half shells

Row 2: Ch 1, *sc, sk 2, shell, sk 2; rep from * across, sc in final st. Turn.

Row 3-40: Rep Row 2

Cut yarn, weave in ends.

Both of these can do with a light blocking if you want, to smooth them out. Just be careful blocking the cozy; if you are an aggressive blocker, you may make it too big to fit!

And that’s it. You now have some marvelous handmade goodies for your table. I want to see the colors you picked! Post a pic of your finished items to your favorite social media and tag @RowsAndRoses and #RowsAndRosesBlessed so we can all see what you’ve made. If you need me, I’m only a click or two away.

French Press Cozy

Sati Glenn, owner and operator of Rows and Roses Fiberworks. 
Email: sati@rowsandroses.com
Website: www.rowsandroses.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/groups/rowsandrosescrochet
Ravelry: https://www.ravelry.com/stores/rows-and-roses

If you want to see all the yarns and tools I have available, please come shop!

October Showcase

October Showcase

Monthly round-up

This month has been so busy, I continue to forget what day it is. I don’t think I’ve ever waiting til the very last day of the month to publish a monthly round-up, but here we are. Please enjoy this October Showcase, and if you’re interested in learning a little more about cold weather yarns and how to choose them for certain projects, I’ve got you covered. Covered! See what I did there…?


This month was a little different, pattern-wise. I really do try to release a free pattern each month, as well as a paid pattern. Due to some poor planning on my part, I ended up with two paid patterns ready before a freebie was finalized. Therefore, I released two paid patterns this month instead. 
In order to make it up to you, and have a DOUBLE freebie pattern hitting the blog in November, so thanks for your patience with me and I know you’re going to love it. Keep an eye on the blog or the facebook group and I’ll post as soon as it’s ready!

Fluffin’ Cowl is really an awe-inspiring little piece of crochet work, and if you haven’t tried it yet, you really really should. Crocheted in three colors of WeCrochet’s Wonderfluff, a baby alpaca/Merino/nylon blend of blown yarn, it is light as a cloud and full of color. The tapestry crochet technique carries the yarns inside the stitches, and the whole thing is worked in a continuous spiral. Everything will think you worked some black magic, but the whole cowl can be done by the motivated crocheter in two hours! Try it, you’ll wonder what took you so long.

Now this one… this one I am really proud of. Introducing Kindred Spirit, a rectangular wrap made of two mirrored panels that are seamed together up the middle. If you haven’t seen this pattern yet, click the pic and check out all the pics on the pattern page. This is a very unique wrap, and WeCrochet’s Kindred (baby alpaca/Peruvian cotton) is the most perfect yarn for it.
In fact, this yarn quickly went into my top 10 yarns of all time. It is THAT amazing. Soft, bouncy, warm, and not the least bit of prickle, I know you’ll love it too.

I hope you enjoyed this October Showcase. Thanks for being here. Thanks for cheering me on and lifting me up. This has been a big month of learning for me (sometimes, the hard way,) and I can’t express my gratitude enough for your patience, helpfulness, and kindness. You just keep loving me through it, and I appreciate that more than you know.
As always, a quick, easy, and totally free way of helping me out would be to share this post on any social media, reblogging, liking, commenting, and anything else you can think of. You don’t have to make a purchase to make a difference ♥

Cold Weather Yarn

Cold Weather Yarn

How to choose?

Can you feel it? That crisp bite to the breeze when it comes through in the morning like the whisper of an old friend? Sipping my hot coffee, I can’t help but recall my warm woolens of winter last…. 
Okay, enough of that. A poet I am not, but I AM a yarnologist. Which, in my opinion, is better. So let’s talk yarns, specifically cold weather yarns. There are so many different types of yarns out there; so many weights, so many fibers. How do you know what to choose for which project?
Let me walk you through a few of my favorites. I’ll even help you find patterns for them so you can show off your skills while keep you and your loved ones toasty warm!


The alpaca is such an amazing animal. With their cute little faces and warm, furry coats, they are definitely one of the cutest animals ever. And boy are they smart!
Did you know that they are also one of the warmest animals ever? Alpaca fiber is even warmer than wool, and it also offers a drape that no breed of sheep could ever mimic. Add to this that allergies to alpaca are almost unheard of (they don’t make lanolin like sheep do,) and you’ve got a super fiber for all of your winter knits and crochets. Seriously, the perfect cold weather yarn.

Here at Rows & Roses, we’ve got you covered as far as scrumptious alpaca yarn. Just look at that gorgeous Eco Alpaca by Cascade in the pic above. No dyes, there’s are the many natural colors of alpaca! What could you make with this decadent yarn? Here are some patterns I’ve found that would be perfect:
KNIT: this gorgeous hat Graham, the Hipster Shawl, you could really play with the different colors in this Colouring In,  
CROCHET: the Diadem shawl would be perfect in this yarn, and so would the Facets Cowl if you use two contrasting colors!

More alpaca yarns:


Wool is maybe the most popular animal fiber for yarn, and it’s not hard to see why. Wool is anti-microbial, water resistant, and dries quickly. There are all different breeds of wool, but the softest is Merino.
Rows & Roses has lots of Merino yarns to choose from, with more on the way. From the gorgeous Malabrigo Sock pictured here, to the workhorse Valley Worsted and Valley Sport, and even our super-bulky star Berroco Coco, if you’re looking for soft and wooly and wonderfully warm, look no further. 
How about some patterns?

KNIT: the Lacy Not Lazy socks and this Sockhead slouch hat. For the Valley Superwash Worsted, I am loving this Free For All cowl. If you’re wanting Coco’s bulky squish, you’d do well with the Chai Latte beanie or the Sugared Almonds cowl.
CROCHET: If you’re dying to crochet with some Malabrigo sock, I bet you’ll love Just Breathe and Fingerless Gloves.  Valley Sport works well for Lizard (one of my favorite shawls to make!)  and the worsted is perfect for Kruska. Coco would make a great Quinn cowl or Chunky Pebbles hat.

More wool yarn:


I am rapidly discovering just how underappreciated silk is. How is it possible that more people don’t LOVE this fiber?! Anti-microbial, soft and silky (haha,) and super strong, silk will hold up to just about anything.
From the matte and slubby silk exchange of Mantra, to the shiny and luxe Silkpaca, it’s really hard to imagine how anyone could pass it up, especially since it’s been proven to be even warmer than alpaca. Isn’t that amazing?
I know y’all want to see some patterns that would be perfect for all this silk yarn I’ve got waiting for you, so let’s do it!

KNIT: Silkpaca lends itself well to knits that are drapey and airy, such as Gorges Cowl and Swallowtail Shawl, while Mantra would be great for Tincture and emPower Lace.
CROCHET: Mantra would make an amazing Wild Sunset as well as a Spring Bean cowl, while Silkpaca is perfect for Inner Light, or Pax if Tunisian is more your speed.

More silk yarns:

I hope I was able to help you out a bit and offer some insight and education, as well as some great patterns to kickstart your creativity. Remember that you are always welcome to come use the free winding station and enjoy a cup of coffee anytime you’re out and about. This little shop is all about community so I want to see you here enjoying it! If you found value in this post, please consider sharing, commenting, pinning, tweeting, or otherwise helping me to get it out there. Thank you all so much, for all you do to help my little LYS be the best that it can be ♥

September Showcase

September Showcase

Monthly Wrap-up

What a month this has been. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever done so much in a single month in my life. Between opening the shop, and getting Fall Specials & Customs out the door- not to mention homeschooling two kids and trying my best to keep some sort of a social life- it’s been crazy! And fun, and hard, and scary, and exhilarating, and all kinds of other stuff. So now it’s time for our September Showcase!
Let’s take a look at our monthly wrap-up for September. Just click the pics to blow them up.

But wait, there's more!

Finally, my Enwrapped pattern has been updated! New stylesheet, better pic placement, same great pattern. This will be the shop kit for October, using a totally different bulky-weight yarn. Come on in to Rows & Roses Yarn & Fiber to pick one up for yourself or a friend, starting October 1st!

After hearing how badly everyone wished for a Felici Cowl that could be wrapped double around the neck, I present to you FOTD Doubled. Still two balls of Felici, same hook, chevrons as always, but with a lacier stitch pattern to stretch the yardage. It’s FREE!

The pattern for this little beauty is set to be released next week. This yarn is EVERYTHING! I can’t wait for you to see it. It’ll hit my Rav shop first, so be sure to check in!

Once again, I just want to thank every single one of you for all that you do to support my little-getting-bigger? business. I appreciate all of your shares, all of your likes, all of your comments, and every time you send someone my way. You all are the reason I keep going, trying to find new and fun ideas, and your love and support give me so much joy. From the bottom of my heart, thank you ♥

Rows & Roses Yarn & Fiber

Rows & Roses Yarn & Fiber

We are open for business!

Finally! After two months of hard work, Rows & Roses Yarn & Fiber is finally ready, and we are open for business!

The Grand Opening was a smashing success. No fire, no injuries, no explosions. Can’t ask for much more than that, amiright? We had an excellent turn out. Ethel Mae’s Bake Shop made us some gorgeous hand-painted citrus cookies. In addition to the cookies, we had plenty of hot coffee. The free mini-skeins were a hit, as well. All of our initial orders were here on time, labeled and stocked and ready for purchase. In fact, we sold so much that first day, I had to come home that night and place more orders!

Just in case you missed it, I want to share some pictures with you so you can really get an idea of what this little place is like. We’ve got the yarn shop on the right, and the workshop on the left, compete with winding station, work table, in-house library, and a sitting area that is very well lit. This place isn’t just for shopping, it’s for working too!

If you haven’t quite made it in just yet, please come check us out! Bring your current project and sit and stitch on one of our comfy couches. If you have a repair to make, or a skein of yarn to wind, or even a shawl to block, bring it and do it here so you won’t have to clear out an area big enough at home (and then try to keep your cats off it, if your house is anything like mine.)

If you DID come hang out with us already, be sure to come back soon so you can watch us grow. We’ve got new stuff coming in all the time, as well as a wishlist at the door where you can let me know exactly what you’re looking for.

Our two classes we have planned so far have both almost sold out already! If you are looking for a class to learn to crochet or learn to spin on a drop spindle, come on over and buy your spot before they’re gone. More classes coming soon!

Thank you all for being here and supporting my little business. I know it’s small for now, but my passion for yarn and plans for the future are MASSIVE, and there is soooooo much more on the way. Our local community needs a place like this ♥
In the meantime, check out my pattern shop on Ravelry and let me know which of my patterns you’d like to see as a kit of the month! (Psssst… Tilted is the kit for September, and it’s almost sold out. Come grab yours!)

Felici On The Double Doubled

Felici On The Double Doubled

Free pattern!


You spoke and I listened! You wanted a Felici On The Double cowl that you could loop doubled
around your neck for a close and cozy fit. Therefore I present to you, Felici On The Double
Doubled! Worked in chevrons still, but with spaces between the stitches so as to stretch the
yardage further, this warm and stretchy cowl is sure to be your new favorite. Just like before,
any two Felici colorways you want to pair together, same starting chain, just a little lacier in the
construction. If you liked the original, I bet you will LOVE this one!

Grab the printable .pdf for just $1.99 here.

Getting Started

Stitches: Ch, DC, DC2tog over next 3 ch or st (here, you just skip the middle ch or st)

Yarn: WeCrochet’s Felici sock yarn (218 yards,) 2 balls held double throughout

Hook: I9/5.5mm

Sizes: 36” circumference, 7” wide

Gauge: 1 patt rep x 5 rows = 3”

FOTDD doubled


Ch 33

1) 2DC in 3rd ch from hook, *ch 1, sk 1, DC, ch 1, sk 1, DC2 tog over next 3 ch, ch 1, sk 1, DC, ch 1, sk 1, (DC, ch 1, DC); rep from * twice, ending with 2DC in last ch instead of (DC, ch 1, DC.)

2) Ch 2, 2DC in first st, *ch 1, sk 1, DC, ch 1, sk 1, DC2tog over next 3 st, ch 1, sk 1, DC, ch 1, sk 1, (DC, ch 1, DC); rep from * twice, ending with 2DC in last st instead of (DC, ch 1, DC.)

Rep Row 2 until you’re almost out of yarn. I got 62 rows altogether on my first one, but you may get anywhere from 60 to 64. This is fine 🙂

Slip stitch ends together to close circle. And you’re finished. Wasn’t that so easy and enjoyable? I’d love to see your FOTD Doubled! Just post to social media with the hashtag
#RowsAndRosesFOTDD so we can all see what you’ve created! If you need me, I’m only a click
or two away.

August Showcase

August Showcase

Yarn, yarn, yarn… and a shop.

(This post, like all my posts, contains affiliate links.)

This month has been CRAZY! So much different than usual, for sure. I’ve crochet a bit, knitted a bit more, but mostly I’ve been renovating our new building downtown. By mid-September, Rows & Roses Yarn & Fiber should be open for business!
I’ve already placed big wholesale orders with Universal YarnsBerrocoThe Alpaca CompanyMalabrigoDarn Good Yarn, and even a couple of indie artists, Treehouse Knits (you have GOT to see what this amazing chick does with color and yarn. It is unreal,) and Spinerosity for some hand-turned spindles! I could not be more excited about all of this, and I hope you are too.

So here are a few things I’ve made this month. I haven’t had much time, and I was finished with all orders by early this month, so mostly I’ve just been playing with yarn when I get the chance.

Yarny Goodness

I designed a clutch using Darn Good Yarns’ banana fiber yarn. This yarn is just so unique! I really enjoyed working with it and can’t wait to design some more. I sewed a magnet into the flap and body so that it closes on its own, and added a button on the front because why not? I love buttons!

I have a new pattern coming out next month using WeCrochet’s Wonderfluff. This is the softest squishiest cowl I’ve ever had my hands on; it’s like a cloud! You’re going to love how easy this is to make, despite how amazing it looks.

I released Reflect, a new pattern for hexagon dishcloths that are designed to compliment Blue Willow dishes. Cotlin Reflections was the perfect yarn for these: it’s absorbent, strong, and the colors match my dishes exactly! The best part is, the pattern is FREE!

How can I let a whole new batch of Felici come out without making more FOTD cowls?! I made a few, but even better, I designed a new FOTD cowl. The new cowl can be double looped for a cozier fit. I’m working on finalizing it, so watch for it soon!


If I can get serious for a minute here, I just want to say that the outpouring of love and encouragement and support for this yarn shop has been so much more than I could have ever hoped for. The facebook business page and group have grown beyond what I had expected, and I’m gaining new Instagram followers and newsletter subscribers every day. I thought that we really needed a yarn shop in town, and apparently so many of you thought the same thing. Opening a yarn shop is my BIG dream, and the apex of my yarn career; it is the big final goal I set out to accomplish “one day,” and now it’s happening. It couldn’t happen without all of you. I appreciate you all so much more than you can ever know. Thank you. Thank you for being here, and thank you for holding my hand through all of this.

If you’re interested in following along with me in all of my crazy yarn adventures, please do! Follow me on instagram, facebook, pinterest, and Ravelry. We’ll have a super great time, that’s for sure!

Darn Good Yarn

Darn Good Yarn


(This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase through them, it won’t cost you an extra dime but it will throw a dollar or two my way, so thank you!)

I have discovered something amazing, and you NEED to know about it. There is a company called Darn Good Yarn (DGY) and they sell some crazy amazing yarns that are hand-dyed and hand-spun in India. They offer fair wages to Indian women to make these amazing yarns, and listen: they are made out of the coolest stuff!! Banana fiber, sari silk strips, some of their yarns even come with beads and sequins actually spun into it so you don’t have to do it as you work!

I decided to take a chance on this company as they seem like they really know how to have some fun with yarn, and any company offering fair wages in poor regions for women to be able to work and support their families is pretty amazing in my book. Let’s take a look at some of this stuff!

The Black Box

After spending hours (seriously) clicking around the Darn Good Yarn website, I had found sooooooo much stuff that I wanted to get. But wow, after tallying it all up, it was, well… not quite doable at the moment. I found out, however, that they offer this really awesome item called the Mystery Black Box. Now, I’m not always keen on surprises. I have been burned before, getting all excited and then getting something I didn’t like and wouldn’t use. But I took a chance and this is the best chance I’ve ever taken with a yarn company!

It came with the most amazing stuff, I am seriously so impressed. Let me tell you what all this awesome haul included:

2 skeins 100% silk yarn, hand-dyed in ocean colors
1 skein Noro Downtown
2 Indigo Quail sock-of-the-month kits
3 skeins of pure Superwash Merino

And that’s just some of it! There was more yarn, a book, and a really cool pamphlet telling all about their company and what they do. Altogether, over $200 worth of awesome stuff.

In addition to the Black Box, I also snagged a couple of skeins of their Banana Fiber handspun yarn in “Light Sage” (shown above.) I couldn’t be sure that banana yarn would be included and I just HAD to try it. Another great score, because it is soft, strong, shiny, and so far I’ve made a wallet out of one of the skeins.

Did you catch the LIVE unboxing?

If you aren’t a member of the facebook group, you weren’t able to join us for the live unboxing. YouTube has the replay if you want to go watch (and subscribe, maybe? I’d love it if you did!) This has been just the most amazing little adventure with such a fun yarn company, that I decided to open a wholesale account with them. That’s right, Darn Good Yarn will be available in the new yarn shop, Rows & Roses Yarn & Fiber! Grand Opening is tentatively set for mid-September, so like the facebook page, subscribe to my newsletter, and keep checking this site for all the upcoming news.
In the meantime, why not check out some of my free patterns, such as the Reflect dishcloth designed to match my Blue Willow dishes, or the ever-popular Felici on the Double cowl? I bet you’ll love them 🙂

As always, thanks so much for coming. Rows and Roses would be nothing without all you wonderful yarny people lifting me up and cheering me on ♥



FREE crochet pattern!

Reflect cloths

Want to make a really fun dish cloth? Do you want it to match your Blue Willow dishes? Look no further! This yarn is a perfect match for those family heirlooms; indeed it will look as if you chose yarn that was absolutely MADE for them! Reflect is worked in the round from the center out, using griddle stitch, and includes a single-crochet edging in a second color. The griddle stitch is solid, perfect for scrubbing! Additionally, the linen content in this yarn makes it nice and strong, so your dish cloth will last through many many scrubbings and washing and dryings. And you know what? I bet you can’t make just one. And why would you want to?

Want a printable .pdf of this pattern? Grab it here for just $1.99

Pattern Info

Stitches:  Ch, sl st, SC, DC, SDC (standing Double Crochet)

Yarn:  Cotlin Reflections (70% Tanguis cotton/30% linen, 246 yards/100g) less than half a skein per color. Samples shown in Stream, Crest, and Eclipse.

Hook:  US7/4.5mm or size needed to obtain gauge. You will also need six (6) stitch markers.

Sizes:  9” straight across from tip to tip

Gauge:  6 SC x 10 rows = 2”


~ All odd number rounds are worked without increases.
~ All even number rounds are worked with increases.
~ Each even number round will increase by 12 st.

If you’ve never worked a SDC (standing Double Crochet) here’s a tutorial!

Let's do it!

Ch 4. Join with sl st to form a ring.

1) Ch 1, *SC, DC; rep from * five times. Join.  = 12 st

2) SDC, *(SC, DC, PM, SC) in next DC, DC in next SC; rep from * around, ending with (SC, DC, PM, SC) in last DC. Join.  = 24 st

3) Ch 1, *SC, DC; rep from * around.

4) SDC, SC,* (DC, SC, DC) in M, SC, DC, SC; rep from * around, ending with a SC in last st. Join.  = 36 st

5) Rep Round 3

6) SDC, *(SC, DC) to next M, (SC, DC, SC) in M, DC; rep from * around, ending with DC, SC. Join.  = 48 st

7) Rep Round 3

8) SDC, *SC, (DC, SC) to next M, (DC, SC, DC) in M; rep from * around, ending with SC, DC, SC. Join.  = 60 st

9) Rep Round 3

10) SDC, *(SC, DC) to M, (SC, DC, SC) in M, DC; rep from * around, ending with SC, DC, SC. Join.  = 72 st


Join CC in same st for new round.

1) Ch 1, *SC to M, (SC, ch 2, SC) in M; rep from * around, ending with SC to end. Join.

2) Ch 1, *SC to ch-2 sp, (SC, ch 2, SC) in ch-2 sp; rep from * around, ending with SC to end. Join.

3) Rep Round 2

4) Ch 1, *SC to ch-2 sp, 3SC in ch-2 sp; rep from * around, ending with SC to end. Join.

Cut yarn, weave in ends. Block to measurements.

3 Reflect spread

All finished! Now go wash your dishes with their new best friend and see what they think 😉 I’d love to see your cloths! Share a pic to social media with the hashtag #RowsAndRosesReflect so we can all see what you’ve made (especially if you made them to match your RED WILLOW!) 

I have other free patterns available as well, such as Summer Silk and the ever-popular Felici On The Double Cowl. If you need anything or have any questions, as always I’m just a click or two away.

July Showcase

July Showcase

Monthly Roundup

(contains affiliate links. If you click, and then purchase, I may get a percentage, so thank you!!)
My KnitCrate Top

Hi, how are you? Are you having a great summer? I know I am. I’ve been playing with SO MUCH YARN! Between signing up for KnitCrate and anxiously awaiting my first package from Darn Good Yarn to arrive, this has been one fantastically yarny month for me. Here are a few things July has seen come to pass.

Just a few clickable links for you…
~ Check out Darn Good Yarn if you like exquisite and unique yarns, as well as Sari skirts.
~ So many of my projects are made with WeCrochet yarn. Like probably 90% of them! Go shop, you will LOVE their prices, not to mention their quality.
~ Get 50% off your first box at KnitCrate, and guess what? You are not locked in to a subscription! That’s right, you can cancel anytime, and even come back anytime you want. How’s that for freedom?
Join my Ravelry group for monthly CAL/KALs. We have so much fun!

Patterns, you say?

Summer Silk was the free July pattern on my blog. I really enjoyed doubling up on the 100% silk Luminance yarn. It’s so buttery and looks great with anything!

Here’s my latest Ravelry pattern. Fairy Kisses hit the shop in July, and isn’t it just gorgeous? Crocheted with Hawthorne and Aloft held together, it feels so dreamy ♥

Keep an eye on my Ravelry shop for this little number! This scarf is absolute luxury. 100% silk, and I know you are going to love it!

We’ve still got a whole lot coming up in August, so be sure to join the facebook group so you don’t miss anything. And as always, thank you so much for being here with me. Your friendship means the world.