The End of a Season

A closing door can mean freedom

Hello, friends. I hope you have all had a great start to the new year. 2022 should be kind to us after all we’ve been through, don’t you think?

I come to you today with a bit of an announcement, as well as just some ramblings and wonderings. I hope you can indulge me.

A little over a week ago, I received some pretty shocking and upsetting news: WeCrochet, the crochet company and yarn brand which I have been so quick to support in every way, and have been entwined with in so many ways since they first went live, made a very strange decision. Without a word of warning, they pulled almost all of their lace and fingering weight yarns from their site. Their explanation, when asked by a concerned Ravelry user? “Those yarns aren’t really used for crochet.”

I lost my breath, my stomach hit the floor, and I stared aghast at my computer screen for probably a full minute. Is this real life? Not used for crochet? Since when?!

So many of us designers, who not only design with their yarns but actually FOR THEIR BRAND, use these yarns often. We have patterns in their Independent Designer Program using these yarns. These patterns are sold on their site, with the intentions of having visitors purchase the yarns for the patterns. How, then, are we to sell our patterns if the yarns are not also available?

Before anyone helpfully reminds me that Knit Picks is basically the same company and sells these yarns, so we can just go get them there…… that is completely beside the point. WeCrochet is supposed to be all about crochet. They are supposed to support crochet designers and offer a spotlight for showing what crochet can do and be, without the overall implication of being a counterpart to knitting. You cannot claim to be a crochet advocate while simultaneously limiting the yarns for your crocheters to use. I have designed crochet patterns and created crocheted items from #10 thread all the way up to super-bulky. Saying that lighter weight yarns aren’t used for crochet is just ignorant and enhances the stigma that crochet is only good for certain things.

Due to all of this madness, I have a two part announcement to make.


After my latest pattern goes live in March (a pattern they asked for, using a yarn that they don’t even sell now, so…huh? Whatever.) I will be distancing myself from the WeCrochet brand. 

I will no longer be designing patterns in their yarn, considering that not all of their yarns are “for me.” My existing patterns will remain in their IDP program for as long as they will leave them there. I mean, every little bit helps for us starving artists, right? However, no more new patterns for them. I’m appalled at their attitude and cannot in good conscience continue to support them.

I will still test patterns when they send them to me, as we crocheters NEED the patterns tested! I feel better knowing that patterns go through such rigorous testing (they really do) before they are released. And again, every little bit helps.


I have decided to take this year off from designing in a “designing as a business” capacity. I miss creating new things and trying out new ideas simply for the sake of enjoyment. Being an ambassador for two years brought me 24 hard deadlines. I was happy to do it, and it was a wonderful opportunity, but now I am ready to relax into creating for fun. 

I’m not saying I won’t release any new patterns this year. I’m just saying that I will not be shackling myself to deadlines or contracts that will push me to go go go like I’ve had to do for the past two years. I will self-publish as I choose, and I hope to work with Expression Fiber Arts  and Interweave again this year if they will be willing to work with my self-imposed LACK of designing schedule. I’m happy with a deadline that’s 10 months away. Not so much with 4 weeks…. you feel me? It’s been stressful and I’m ready to unwind and relax with my yarn again!

In closing...

If you have made it this far through my self-indulgent rant, I thank you kindly from the bottom of my heart. The friends, fans, and customers of Rows & Roses are the lifeblood of this brand. You are all in the details of everything I do and every pattern, yarn, and event that I put out there. Never have I felt more validated, more appreciated, or more loved than when I am in the thick of it with all of you. Every like, every share, every page view, every download… they all mean the world to me. 

Thanks for being my friends. Thanks so much for your support. I adore every single one of you. You are what keeps me going ♥

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