Summer Lace-Along

Don’t be scared! It’s just lace.

It’s finally summer, and you know what that means….. a brand new KAL/CAL! This season, we’re all about that lace. Be it lace-weight yarn, a lace stitch pattern, or both, summer is the time to kick back and enjoy all the light and lovely things.

So here's the plan

I want to do something a little different and you will have the chance to earn multiple entries into the prize drawing! You may choose how YOU define lace. 

You’ll get one entry into the Fashion Show drawing if you use a lace weight yarn, you’ll get one entry if you make something using a lace stitch pattern, but you’ll get THREE entries if you use both!
(As always, entries only count if you participate in the Fashion Show) 

Here’s our timeline:
Cast-on (or chain) Party: Friday, June 17
Halfway check-in: Friday, July 15
Fashion Show!: Saturday, August 13

*Yarn suggestions: Silkpaca, Findley, and Garden 10 crochet thread*

Pattern Ideas for Lace-weight Yarn *Crochet*

If you’re dying to play with some lace-weight yarn, here are some patterns that would be great!

Galatea Lace Top
by Dora Ohrenstein


Blithe Tank or Dress
by Laurinda Reddig

Porcelain Berry Shawl
by  Elena Fedotova



Spring Blossom Shawl
by A La Sascha

Pattern Ideas for Lace-weight Yarn *Knit*

Birds of a Feather
by Andrea Mowry

Lake Mist
by Romi Hill

Phantom Fuzz
by Park Williams




Lochnager Top
by Littletheorem

Pattern Ideas for Lacy Stitches *Crochet*

Not quite ready to take the plunge into lace-weight? Well if I can’t convince you to try it, here are some patterns using heavier weights with some delightful lacy stitch patterns.

Kanata Kercheif Tank
by Jennifer Ozses

Idris Shawl
by K.A.M.E Crochet

Daydream Shawl
by Adina Bucknall

Journey’s Lace Top
by Anastasia R Smith

Pattern Ideas for Lacy Stitches *Knit*

by Knitting for Breakfast



Good Vibes
by Nadia Cretin-Lechenne

Hitofude Cardigan
by Hiroko Fukatsu

by Dorothy Bulac-Erikson

I sure hope you’ll consider joining us for this stitch-along! We’re going to have a blast, for sure.

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