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Nothing brightens up a day like a rainbow, am I right? This rainbow banner is just what we all need to feel cheerful and happy! Crocheted in simple motifs and strung together with a simple chain, you can whip this banner up in no time at all. In fact, why not make a bunch to sell at craft shows or in your Etsy shop? They’re so quick and easy, I just know you’ll be hooked at first stitch.

Want a printable .pdf of this pattern for just $1.99? Click here.

First of all...

Stitches:  Ch, sc, dc

Yarn:  Any worsted weight (#4) cotton in rainbow colors, or any colors you like. Get creative and rep your flag! Clean Cotton at Rows & Roses is an excellent choice.

Hook:  H8/5mm

Sizes:  Adjustable. My motifs are approx. 7” wide and 3.5” tall.

Gauge:  Absolutely not important 

~ Picot is worked as follows: ch 2, sl st in first ch made
~ Please make the starting dc of each row however you like. I used a standing double crochet, but you can use a “ch 3, (counts as a st,) dc in first st” or a “ch 2 (does not count as a st,) 2dc in first st.” This is yours. Make it how you like it.

Let's Go!


Ch 4. Join with sl st to first ch made. Now you have a ring.

1) 6dc in ring. Do NOT join. Turn.

2) 2dc in each st across. Turn.

3) (dc, ch 1) in first st, *dc in next st, (dc, ch 1) in next st; rep from * to last st, dc in last st. Turn.

4) Dc in first st, *(dc, ch 1, dc) in ch-1 sp, dc 2; rep from * to last ch-1 sp, (dc, ch 1, dc) in last ch-1 sp, dc in last st. Turn.

5) Dc in first two st, *(dc, ch 1, dc) in ch-1 sp, dc 4; rep from * to last ch-1 sp, (dc, ch 1, dc) in last ch-1 sp, dc 2. Turn.

6) Ch 1, sc 3, *(2 sc, picot, sc) in ch-1 sp, sc 6; rep from * to last ch-1 sp, (2 sc, picot, sc) in last ch-1 sp, sc 3. Do not turn, do not cut! Continue to border.


Work two more sc in same st, sc evenly across the top of motif. Work two more sc in last st and join with sl st to first sc from Row 6.

Cut yarn, weave in ends.

Make as many motifs as you like. I made seven, one in each ROYGBIV color to create a true rainbow. Once you are finished making motifs, join them with a long chain, working into the top border stitches of each motif and chaining between them.

This is how I joined mine, but again, please make this your own.

In white, ch 12, join with sl st to first ch made (this makes a hanging loop,) ch 20, sl st into the back loop of each st across top of first motif. After final sl st, ch 1, and continue working across top of second motif.

Once finished with the final motif, ch 20, place marker in ch on hook, ch 12 more, join with sl st to marked ch, remove marker.

Weave in ends. Hang anywhere you need to remember how amazing you are and how bright and happy life can be <3

Please show us your banners! Share a pic to your favorite social media and tag @RowsAndRoses and #RowsAndRosesPride so we can all see what you’ve created. As always, if you need me, I’m only a click or two away.

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