August Showcase 2021

Our monthly wrap-up

August has not been very kind to me. This has been a month of almosts, not-quites, and OH-NO!!s at R&R Y&F, all the way down the line. I even worked right through a weekend, spending 12 days straight in the shop. Of course I’m exhausted and stressed, but very thankful for the light at the end of the tunnel. The hard work is finally- FINALLY!- done, and now I’m just about ready to put my feet up.

What saved me this month was all the fun stuff I got to make. Take a look at the latest commissions and patterns and you’ll see. I am so happy with how all of these things turned out!

Fun stuff this month!

Patterns and Such

Strawberry Toast

This little tank makes me so ridiculously happy. Don’t the little tan pieces look like toasties with jam on them?
I designed this summer top using WeCrochet’s Shine Sport, a decadent blend of cotton and Modal. Silky smooth to the touch and machine washable, I bet this top will make you just as happy as it makes me.

Ofrenda Cowl

Now here’s a fun design. Lauren of Treehouse Knits asked me to design something for her new Coco collection, and this one-skein cowl was just the thing!
Faux cables on a lace background put a new twist on the granny stitch, for a quick accessory that is just as much fun to make as it is to wear. You’ll even have enough yarn left over for a small matching coffee cozy or change purse.

Thanks for looking! Until next time, friends… I hope your August ends well and your September begins even better ♥

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