Brand New Web Store

Shop online with us!

This is the most exciting news I’ve had in a long time, y’all. Drumroll…..

Rows & Roses Yarn & Fiber is now online for your shopping convenience!

This has been such a long time coming, but with the help of an amazing team of wonderful ladies, we have brought this to you and we hope you love it as much as we do. After countless hours of taking and uploading pictures, counting inventory, and adding descriptions and specs on hundreds upon hundreds of items, we now have an online yarn store that we can be proud of.

Of course there's a sale!

Let’s add a little more excitement to sweeten the pot, yeah?
From now until August 31, I’m offering you 15% off all summertime yarns.

Think cotton, linen, and bamboo yarns. All of your summer favorites are discounted through August to help us make room for new winter yarns and colors. Let’s look at some of our faves, such as this gorgeous Bamboo Pop Sock. This yarn is 50/50 cotton and bamboo, and makes great wool-free socks as well as shawls and tops. It’s so silky to the touch!

While we’re talking bamboo, the original Bamboo Pop is our #1 best-selling yarn in the shop! It’s easy to see why: this machine washable DK yarn, which is also 50/50 cotton and bamboo, is cool against your skin and won’t heat you up in the summer months. It makes amazing shawls (I should know, I’ve made a few!) and I especially love the top I knit from it.
Everyone who touches it loves it. Come try some if you haven’t yet. At this price, you’ll be so pleased.

Chai by Berroco is my personal favorite for summer tops. I am a HUGE fan of linen, as it never gets fuzzy, and only gets softer and stronger the more abuse it takes.
This yarn is extra special, however, as the linen is blended with silk to give it a subtle sheen. The silk also makes it a little easier to work with than pure linen as it cuts down on the “crunchy” feel.
My all-time favorite tank top is knit out of Chai and I just can’t get enough of it. This is another yarn that, if you haven’t used it yet, this sale is just what you need to discover a new love.

Be sure to come in or shop online to see the whole collection of sale yarn, as these are just the beginning!

Growing and Growing and Growing...

This new web store is only the latest addition to Rows & Roses Yarn & Fiber. We are growing all the time, adding new inventory, new classes, new kits and workshops, and I just *might* be working on another BIG DEAL that will hopefully be ready to announce in September.

Thank you so much for hanging around and supporting this little shop. Big things have happened in the past year, big things are in the works, and big things are planned.
Every time you share a blog post, share a facebook post, like an Instagram pic, make a purchase, or even just make a suggestion, you are investing your time and energy into helping us grow. You’ll never know how much I appreciate all that you do ♥

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