Time to Move!

This LYS is growing…

Holding a key in front of the new place

Y’all. I truly can’t believe I’m saying this but… even though Rows & Roses Yarn & Fiber just opened 6 months ago, we’ve already outgrown our space!
Back in September of 2020, I opened up R&R Y&F in a little 950 square foot building, I wanted to bring Seneca a nice little yarn shop full of community, classes, demos, education, and lots of scrumptious yarns and fibers that you can’t get anywhere else around here. Once I moved in a work station, a spinning wheel, a library, a sitting area, and a retail space, there wasn’t much room to grow. But grow we did, and hugely! Rows & Roses now carries more than double (and coming up on triple) the amount of stuff that it opened with. The classes and workshops and events have seen such a great response that we are sometimes running out of room for people to sit!
So, onward and upward! Rows & Roses is moving at the end of the month, four doors down, to a MUCH larger space, complete with a classroom, a much bigger storage area (thank goodness,) and even the hookups for a dye kitchen. Just look at the pics below and you’ll get an idea.

Some "before" pics for ya

As you can see, this place is so much bigger. It’s like a mansion on the lake compared to our current location! I’m going to have fun filling it with wonderful stuff for you all to enjoy. 
So! How about some details?

** Rows & Roses Yarn & Fiber **

Closing on Saturday, March 27 at 6pm at the old location, 105 E. North 1st St, Seneca.

Reopening on Tuesday, April 6 at 10am at the new location, 113 E. North 1st St, Seneca.


From now until 6pm on Saturday, March 27, everything in the shop is 20% off. Shop this sale in-store, or use the code moving in the eCom. Come on in and say goodbye to our first “home” and help me lighten my moving load a little. The less I have to move, the quicker we can get everything ready to go in the new place!

moving sale 20% off

Be sure to keep an eye on the facebook page, the Google listing, or this blog, for all of the Grand Reopening info as I get it nailed down. We’re going to have a PARTY! Be sure to let your friends know about the 20% off everything going on right now, and mark your calendars for our big day on Tuesday, April 6 at the brand new place!

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  1. This is so very exciting in so many ways! I’m so proud of you and your hard work to accomplish this. 🙂 Blessings to you, dear Sati! Love you!

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