February Showcase

Spoiler: there’s yarn

February has been so full of STUFF going on! Especially for being the shortest month of the year. There have been pattern proposals sent, patterns graded, lots of wonderful things crocheted, and so much happening at the shop right now I sometimes feel like I’m two people. I’m not complaining though; all this busy busy busy makes me feel alive. I am so thrilled to be doing what I love full-time!
Let’s take a look back at some of the things from this month in this February Showcase. 
(Pic above is my Budding Conifer wrap, formally known as Sawtooth. Pic credit goes to Molly at Interweave Crochet.)

Lovely little things!


My newest freebie pattern, Heartbeat, was a real hit this month! The month of love always brings out the desire to work with reds and pinks, at least for me it does. This triangle shawl is worked with three colors of WeCrochet’s Memento, using the “drop & swap” technique. You can view it for free on my blog, or purchase your .pdf for $1.99 here on Rav.

My Budding Conifer Wrap just went “live” with the latest issue of Interweave Crochet, Spring 2021. This whole issue makes me so happy! I love most of the patterns in it and can definitely see myself making some of them. If you’re local, you can grab your copy form my shop the next time you come to visit, as long as I still have some left.

This little number will be my newest pattern if I can ever get it graded…. I’ve been working on grading this pattern for a week now and something always comes up to pull me away! This top is crocheted top-down in the round, using the new gradient in my shop, Universal Yarn’s Colorburst. My size, pictured here, took less than one ball! Can you believe it? As soon as I finish the grading and get it tested, I’ll post about it so you can check it out.

What else?

Besides all this, I’ve been working tirelessly on the Knotions/Rows & Roses eBook that comes out this fall. Are you excited about this?? I know I am! All proposals have been accepted, yarn support has been requested, and soon I will be able to start teasing some swatches. Keep an eye on the facebook page to stay up to date on eBook news!

That’s it. I hope you’ve enjoyed this February Showcase. If you know someone who may be interested in my little corner of the yarn world and what R&R has going on, please consider sharing this post, or the facebook page, with them. Tweet, pin, comment, and anything else you feel moved to do. Every little action on your part has a BIG impact on my little business. Thank you so much for following along with my adventures. I couldn’t do this without you ♥

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