Handmade Holidays

Handmade Holidays = Happiness!

Why Handmade Holidays? That’s easy. Here at Rows and Roses, I hold to the belief that quality handmade items are the best items. Whether you’re stopping by the local boutique, or buying online from a friend’s shop, your dollar is helping support a family, and not just a corporation. Piano lessons, school supplies, birthday presents, and gas in the car, are all made possible for small business owners by their much-appreciated clientele. 

Today, I’d like to round up a few small businesses for your handmade holidays shopping pleasure. No matter if you’re buying for a child, your mother, your best friend, or your boss, you can certainly find everything you’re looking for right here. Items of the highest quality, at prices you can afford. Furthermore, you can rest easy knowing you are helping a family make a better life, rather than helping a CEO buy another sports car.

Green Heart Awakening

First up, Green Heart Awakening. Located in the heart of Pendleton, SC,  Green Heart Awakening offers nature-inspired wellness for mind, body, and spirit. In Melissa’s store, there are more than 100 organic bulk herbs, spices, and teas as well as a variety of goods for natural health and natural living, including essential oils, CBD oil, and incense. Items are sourced locally whenever possible. (SPOILER: Rows & Roses is sold here!)

In the studio, you’ll find yoga, Tai Chi, Zumba, herbal education, plant-based cooking classes, and more. Free monthly gatherings include a La Leche League meeting, a family music night, and a women’s moon circle.

Tea pots, tumblers, and infusers make great gifts! And if you’re in the mood for something a little more personal, why not buy bulk herbs and build your own teas? You can gift them in a Mason jar tied with a bow. Who wouldn’t be thrilled to receive such a thoughtful present?

In addition to her website, you can also find her on facebook and instagram. If you’re in the Pendleton area, why not stop in for a cup of tea and chat?

Our Budding Life

Our Budding Life is the perfect candidate for our Handmade Holidays post! Owned and operated by herbalist Kristy, Our Budding Life offers classes, workshops & walks for those that want to learn more about wild plants that are edible & medicinal. The new herbal product line, Whimsical WhatsIts has offerings for whole body wellness with elderberry syrups, nourishing balms, first-aid kits & so much more.

As a wild plant enthusiast and herbalist, Kristy of Our Budding Life has a special love for teaching and sharing her knowledge about plants through classes & workshops. Her unique products make great additions to gift baskets for the natural, health-conscious loved one on your list!


You can find all of Kristy’s creations on the web, on facebook, and on Instagram.

Kim Dyes Yarn

I am so excited to introduce this next awesome business to you. You may remember her from a woolies coop we collaborated in a few years back in the facebook group. This is Kim Dyes Yarn, the most awesome indie dyer I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with.

Kim Dyes Yarn is a one woman indie dyer business from Virginia, in business since 2010, specializing in fantastic colorways on high quality yarns and fibers. 
Kim says:
“I am a lifelong knitter and learner, and know the important roles dyeing techniques and color theory play in ensuring your finished projects turn out beautifully. My passion is gorgeous color, conceived of in my mind’s eye and translated into dye on wool. Inspirations are nature, art, favorite books, and movies.”
Be sure to check out her shop and pick up a very special gift or gift certificate for the yarny on your list. You can find her on facebook and Instagram, and if you’re lucky enough to be in the area, she will be at the Holiday Market event in Vienna, VA this year!

Rows & Roses

Y’all don’t forget about me! Rows and Roses has been in business since 2011. In the years between, it has morphed from just crochet, into a well-rounded yarn and fiberworks business. I now offer knitted items, hand-dyed yarns and fibers, and handspun yarn, in addition to crochet.

Besides my handmade items, you may also purchase a gift certificate from me, good for a one-on-one learn to crochet class! Just ask me how, and I’ll get you the details!

In my shop, you will find everything you need for all of your most gift-worthy people. From washable wool soap savers (kids love these for working up a great lather!) to catnip fishies for your sweet kitties, to a gorgeous skein of ice-dyed fingering weight yarn for your crafty friend, it’s all right here. 

Holiday pre-orders close this Friday, so be sure to get your orders in before then! 

Enjoy your Handmade Holidays!

I hope this post has been a great jumping-off point for all of your Handmade Holidays needs. Shopping small is so important, now more than ever, in a world run by major corporations. Therefore, make your dollar count this year, and every year! If you’ve found value in this post, please consider sharing. Let’s spread the word and help support families and communities ♥

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