Merino Soap Saver **PRE-ORDER**


Fiber- 100% superwash wool

Care- machine wash and dry


Merino Soap Saver

The Merino Soap Saver is one of my best sellers and has been for years! These little sacks are made of 100% superwash wool so they are anti-microbial and completely machine washable and dryable. They hold your bar of soap and work up an amazing lather, gently exfoliate, and come with a drawstring for hanging. These are great for kids who struggle with sudsing up a washcloth, and they make the very best stocking stuffers ever. Be sure to hangĀ  in a place where it can dry thoroughly between uses. When your bar of soap is gone, toss in the wash with your laundry and run through the dryer to pull it back into shape so that it’s ready for your next bar!

I use a chevron pattern, with two colors of my choice. If there’s a color that you absolutely hate, you can let me know, but for now, we’re doing these grab bag style.

Here is the yarn I use for these:

These are great in a gift basket, and make excellent stocking stuffers. Be sure to order now for quick delivery before the holidays!

**THIS IS A PRE-ORDER** Please allow up to 2 weeks to ship. If your order contains multiple items- especially of different types- please allow up to 4 weeks.

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