Crochet Catnip Fish **PRE-ORDER**


Fiber: 100% cotton

Care: can be washed, but will probably wash out the catnip.

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Crochet Catnip Fish **PRE-ORDER**

If you have kitties, you gotta get some crochet catnip fish for them! My cats love these things so much, I actually have to lock them in the bedroom while I work on them. Otherwise, I can’t get anything done! Your feline friends are sure to enjoy hours of fun with their catnip fish, and usually a good night’s sleep afterwards.

These fish are crocheted by me using 100% cotton yarn, and filled with polyester fiberfill and organic catnip. Choose your color from the color chart provided. You may order multiple (and will probably want to if you have more than one cat,) just be sure to choose a color for each fish.

Perfect for the animal lover in your family, these fit very nicely into a stocking. They also look great in a gift basket. Be sure to order now for quick holiday delivery!

Here is the pattern I use:

This is the yarn:

**THIS IS A PRE-ORDER!** Please allow up to 2 weeks to ship. If your order contains multiple items- especially of different types- then please allow up to 4 weeks.

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Weight1 oz

Azure, Begonia, Blue, Bumblebee, Clementine, Eggplant, Fiesta, Jalapeno


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