What’s UP Sunday…

Sharing our week, Fall Back edition.

Just look at that sky!

Sharing our week

Happy Sunday! I’m so glad to be sharing our week with you! Have you had a good week? This whole week has been filled with “things,” including gymnastics on Monday, Halloween, a baking day with a new friend, and an amazing concert where we took the kids to see Slayer, Pantera(ish) and Ministry! I’ve been taking my yarn along to most things, of course. Can’t do things without yarn… 


First of all, can I just say, Halloween is awesome. We always get so excited to dress up and be scary, eat candy, and just be festive. This year, Isaiah wanted to be Jason and Rose wanted to be Sumara (if you’ve never seen The Ring, don’t. You’ll never sleep well again!) We visited the grandparents, and then checked out an amazingly decorated house and got tons of candy there. After we came home, Brock and the kids decorated a cake to look like Jason’s mask, then we all piled on the bed and watched Hocus Pocus. Best Halloween ever!

Baking is my favorite!

Friday was a super fun day. A new friend invited us over to bake with her and play with her kids. The kids of course did the eating, but not the baking, haha. I made pumpkin cheesecake bars, and Stephanie wanted to make a cake and teach me how to decorate. Cake decorating has never been something for me (I make ugly cakes, y’all) so I was excited to learn. We picked out a cake that was supposed to look like a crocheted hat, but then….. well, let’s just say we had WAY too much fun (and coffee) and basically destroyed her kitchen with icing. The cake tasted amazing, but did not look much like a hat. Oh well, next time!

Maybe some yarn?

On a yarn note, I finished up a whole bunch of little things this week. I have two packages ready to go with two more really close. Look at that capelet, y’all! This was a project I really enjoyed. A dear friend and customer of mine sent me the link for this pattern and asked me to make it for her, and I am so glad she did. It calls for Loops and Threads Charisma in “Ashes” It was a lot of fun to see how the colors shift and change throughout, and I’m really digging some short rows right about now.


The highlight of our week happened last night in Asheville. We went to see some of our favorite talent in the world, SLAYER!! Phil Anselmo was there with the Illegals, doing a Pantera set which was absolutely amazing since I never got a chance to see Pantera live. Ministry was there, as well, and they kicked all kinds of ass. Isaiah’s a seasoned veteran of metal shows by now, but this was Rose’s very first show ever. She was over the moon to get to see Slayer before they retire. Oddly enough, Isaiah’s first metal show was also Slayer, when they toured with Lamb of God. This means that now, both of my kids have fond first-show memories of SLAYER! That’s how you do that parenting thing, in case you didn’t know.

Now I leave you with some really crappy concert pics I took with my phone last night. Enjoy!

As an aside, just so you know, I did put up a bunch of preorders in my shop for stocking-stuffer type things, such as soap savers and citrus scrubbies. The holidays are FAST approaching, so if you’re wanting to up your gift basket game, be sure to order as soon as you can!

I’d love to know how your week went. Drop a comment and tell us all what went on in your neck of the woods!

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  1. What a fun and fantastic week you had!! I love that cake – decorating isn’t my thing either. I think you did awesome! And Slayer!!!! So much fun!

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