Kitchen Citrus Scrubbies **PRE-ORDER**


Set of 3

Fiber: 100% polyester

Care: machine wash and dry


Kitchen Citrus Scrubbies
These kitchen citrus scrubbies are the greatest scrubbies I have ever used in my life, and they really dress up my kitchen! My dishes get clean so much more quickly and easily since I started using them. I use them on everything, from plates, to roasters, to cast iron. No scratches! Also, I must tell you, I have a thing for citrus. I love decorating with citrus-inspired stuff, and these scrubbies little slices are right at home in my kitchen!
You get a set of 3, one each of a lemon, lime, and orange. They each have a hanging loop for drying after use. They are machine washable and dryable, and can be thrown into your regular laundry. I recommend a very light bleaching once in a while (very light, as in, a slight splash of bleach to a whole load of kitchen laundry with your scrubbies thrown in) to kill any germies that might be hitching a ride.

These make a great gift! Order now for quick delivery before the holidays.

Here is the pattern that I use:

**THIS IS A PRE-ORDER** Please allow up to 2 weeks for shipping. If your order contains multiple items- especially of different types- please allow up to 4 weeks.

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