May Showcase

May I show you?

We’ve had another super fun month here at Rows & Roses. I’d love to share with you the highlights from May with this May Showcase. I hope you enjoy it!

Posts & Patterns

Pride Week is coming to the LYS June 1-5. A different sale every day, a HUGE giveaway drawing, a special discount if you wear rainbow, and a free drop-in demo of the flatbed knitting machine on Saturday to wrap it all up. This is going to be our biggest event to date! Click the pic below for more info.

Ever wanted to design crochet patterns for yourself, but just aren’t sure how to get started? This post may help. Here I lay out my method of designing for personal crochet (not for publication; that takes grading and tech-editing, which is a whole other game.) Click the pic to read more.

Hey, how about a free pattern? If you were missing the freebies in April (what a wild month that was!) then I’ve got something for you. Kick off Pride Month with your very own Pride Bag. Pick your flag colors and get going, and you’ll have this whipped up in no time!

Just a little call to action...

I hope you’ve enjoyed this May Showcase. Honestly, I hope you enjoy everything that I work hard to bring you. I want to help educate and inspire, as well as offer free patterns, stitch-alongs, and a facebook community of like-minded friends and crafters. May I get super real for a minute and ask a small favor?
My little business relies an awful lot on word of mouth. Would you be willing to help put Rows & Roses “out there” just a little for me? Here are some small things you can do that have a HUGE impact:
~ If you use one of my patterns to make something, please create a project page for it in Ravelry. The more people see my patterns being made by others, the better they feel about buying them.
~ If you buy yarn from my shop and make something with it, please specify in the Rav project page WHERE you got the yarn. The more my little shop pops up in Ravelry, the more exposure it gets.
~ Do you like this May Showcase post? If so, share it! Pin it, share it to facebook or instagram, and leave a comment. This is all a much bigger deal for my business than you could ever know.
~ Share my facebook events. This one is HUGE!! Think Pride Week looks like fun? Please share it! Bought a ticket for a class? Please share the event! Anything you love about Rows & Roses, I would be ever so thankful for you to share with your friends.
~ Bring someone into the shop with you the next time you come! Doesn’t even have to be a yarnie: we have incense, bags, trinket dishes, buttons…. so much more than just yarn.
Thank you for being here, and for all that you do to help this little business grow. I am so super thankful for you, more than I can ever express ♥

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