Meet Weaverly Marsh

Isn’t she gorgeous?

My son and I have jumped into rigid heddle weaving, and it is so much fun! Like anything worth doing, though, there is a lot to learn and we're not really good at it yet. We are forging ahead and making progress! We started with a small sample that my sweet daughter turned into a blankie for her favorite stuffed rabbit, Rabbity. Then we moved on to kitchen towels. Let me tell you, you'd think something like a plain rectangle would be simple, right?

YOU WOULD BE WRONG! Just like me...

It’s really okay, though. We’re not doing a half bad job learning, and we’re motivated! You know what this means, right? It means we’re going to get GREAT at it, and soon start offering woven kitchen textiles to our ever-growing list of delightful yarny items! It is my hope that by the Grand Reopen in January 2020 I will at least have dish towels available, with placemats, table runners, dish cloths following shortly thereafter. Must excitement to come!

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