Spring Shawl-along

Come stitch with us!

Let’s get into the SPRING of things at our favorite LYS! There’s nothing like wrapping up in a shawl on a breezy spring day, and even better if it’s a shawl you made yourself. Grab a copy of a fun shawl pattern you want to knit or crochet, and bring it along with your hooks, needles, and yarn to our Starty Party to kick off the spring! Once it’s finished, don’t forget to wear it into the shop on Fashion Show day. If you wear it across the catwalk, you’ll be entered to win a prize!

Sat. March 18, 2pm- Starty Party!
Sat. April 15- Halfway check in
Sat. May 27, 2pm- Fashion Show

Knit Patterns

How about some inspiration? Here are a few knit patterns I absolutely LOVE! Remember that you may use any pattern, no pattern, or even write your own as you go. The sky’s the limit!

Harvest Hues
by Tami Gore

Frosted Dogwood
by Tabetha Hedrick

Rewilding Shawl
by Helen Stewert

Legacy Park Shawl
by Cori Eichelberger

Crochet Patterns

Our crocheters sometimes need inspiration, too. Aren’t these patterns just gorgeous? Yes, I did throw a couple of mine in there 😉

by Sati Glenn

Shawl Leaf
by Santal Crochet

Sonata Shawl
by Sharon Silverman

Cloud Flare
by Sati Glenn

Great Yarns for Shawls!

Of course, picking a pattern is only half the fun. I myself prefer to pick my yarn first, and then find a pattern that goes with it. Here at Rows & Roses Yarn & Fiber, you’ll find some great yarns that are perfect for a spring shawl…

As always, I am more than happy to help you choose. Do you have a yarn you love but can’t find a pattern to go with it? Do you have the perfect shawl pattern but just aren’t sure which yarn would work best? Come in early on Saturday, March 18 (Starty Party day) and we’ll work together to get you the perfect combination for a shawl that you will love to wear.

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