My First eBook

“Drop & Swap” with Knotions Magazine

I can’t believe it. In fact, I’m still in shock. Today, Knotions Magazine released the first ever Rows & Roses eBook, Drop & Swap!

This eBook is filled with four amazing crochet designs that will take your hook to the next level. Each pattern is worked on the bias, and features a fun little color-changing method I like to call the Drop & Swap (D&S.)

In this book, you’ll learn how D&S can jazz up a pattern, making gorgeous stripes with minimal effort. There are way less ends to weave in when using D&S because you simply carry your non-working yarns up the sides. When you’re finished, you crochet around the edges so you’ll never know those strands are there. Brilliant!

25% off, this weekend only!

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