New Year Showcase

First projects of 2021!

New years are always so exciting for me! Everything just feels fresh. I’ve made so much this month, I can’t even remember it all. Take a look at how far we’ve come already!

Check out these gorgeous makes


Squozen is my newest pattern on Ravelry, and I wrote it especially for WeCrochet. Crocheted in Twill worsted, this poncho is “technically” colorwork, without the work of stranding, intarsia, or mosaic. This project is great for beginners, or for anyone who wants to use multiple colors in a totally laid-back and stress free way. I hope you enjoy making it as much as I did!

I released Shipwrecked, a crocheted scarf pattern, mostly because of the yarn. Do you know how often a visitor in my shop will exclaim excitedly over this Slub yarn by Treehouse Knits, only to end up putting it back, saying, “I just don’t know what I’d do with it?” Too many times to count. So here you go. One skein, easily memorized three row stitch pattern, just go until you run out of yarn, or until you’re ready to stop. Perfection.

Bella Morn, my crocheted scarf pattern using Universal Yarn’s Bella Cash, came about kind of on accident. I wanted to use some leftover Bella Cash to make a shop sample, but couldn’t find a pattern that really did it for me. So I made one up, wrote it down, and sent a pic to Universal. They loved it! They’ve since linked it on their website, and taken professional glamour shots for me. I bet you will LOVE this cashmere blended yarn for this scarf. It’s really just so wonderful.

I hope you see something in this post that inspires you to get creative or up your stitching game. Sharing with all of you is one of my favorite parts of this “job.” As always, if you have any questions, any suggestions, or just want to chat, I’m only a click or two away. Please consider sharing this post with others who may enjoy it. Everything little action you take- be it a like, a share, a tweet, or a pin- helps Rows & Roses to grow. I thank you so much for being a part of my life ♥

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