August Showcase

Yarn, yarn, yarn… and a shop.

(This post, like all my posts, contains affiliate links.)

This month has been CRAZY! So much different than usual, for sure. I’ve crochet a bit, knitted a bit more, but mostly I’ve been renovating our new building downtown. By mid-September, Rows & Roses Yarn & Fiber should be open for business!
I’ve already placed big wholesale orders with Universal YarnsBerrocoThe Alpaca CompanyMalabrigoDarn Good Yarn, and even a couple of indie artists, Treehouse Knits (you have GOT to see what this amazing chick does with color and yarn. It is unreal,) and Spinerosity for some hand-turned spindles! I could not be more excited about all of this, and I hope you are too. 

So here are a few things I’ve made this month. I haven’t had much time, and I was finished with all orders by early this month, so mostly I’ve just been playing with yarn when I get the chance.

Yarny Goodness

I designed a clutch using Darn Good Yarns’ banana fiber yarn. This yarn is just so unique! I really enjoyed working with it and can’t wait to design some more. I sewed a magnet into the flap and body so that it closes on its own, and added a button on the front because why not? I love buttons!

I have a new pattern coming out next month using WeCrochet’s Wonderfluff. This is the softest squishiest cowl I’ve ever had my hands on; it’s like a cloud! You’re going to love how easy this is to make, despite how amazing it looks.

I released Reflect, a new pattern for hexagon dishcloths that are designed to compliment Blue Willow dishes. Cotlin Reflections was the perfect yarn for these: it’s absorbent, strong, and the colors match my dishes exactly! The best part is, the pattern is FREE!

How can I let a whole new batch of Felici come out without making more FOTD cowls?! I made a few, but even better, I designed a new FOTD cowl. The new cowl can be double looped for a cozier fit. I’m working on finalizing it, so watch for it soon!


If I can get serious for a minute here, I just want to say that the outpouring of love and encouragement and support for this yarn shop has been so much more than I could have ever hoped for. The facebook business page and group have grown beyond what I had expected, and I’m gaining new Instagram followers and newsletter subscribers every day. I thought that we really needed a yarn shop in town, and apparently so many of you thought the same thing. Opening a yarn shop is my BIG dream, and the apex of my yarn career; it is the big final goal I set out to accomplish “one day,” and now it’s happening. It couldn’t happen without all of you. I appreciate you all so much more than you can ever know. Thank you. Thank you for being here, and thank you for holding my hand through all of this.

If you’re interested in following along with me in all of my crazy yarn adventures, please do! Follow me on instagram, facebook, pinterest, and Ravelry. We’ll have a super great time, that’s for sure!

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