Giving Back

Meet Cookie Dough

Cookie Dough

I would like to introduce you to a very special little furry friend of mine. He name is Cookie Dough. Isn’t she adorable? Cookie has a very interesting story…
Here at Rows and Roses, giving back when possible is so important, so when I heard about this kitten’s plight, I knew we had to step in.
Cookie was found my friend Lauren. Her children were playing in the yard and they brought in this teeny tiny kitten that they found. She was underweight, covered in fleas, and crying for food. However,  that wasn’t the worst of it. Poor little Cookie Dough had a bigger problem, and she really needed some help.

Injury? Birth defect?

Sweet little Cookie is missing the bottom part of her mouth! Her entire bottom gum is completely exposed. Even at rest, you can see her bottom teeth, some of which did not grow in correctly. In fact, one of her teeth is sticking out in a way that made Lauren think that it was a worm! Imagine her relief to discover that Cookie’s mouth was not, in fact, crawling with worms!

The problem with this injury/defect is that, even though she is eating and drinking okay, there is just SO MUCH of her mucus membrane exposed to the air! Even just playing (like any kitty, she loves to run and jump and “attack,”) she keeps breaking it open and causing herself to bleed. Poor Cookie!

Help is on the Way!

Lauren took her to the vet to get her checked out and get rid of her fleas. The vet looked her over, decided what must be done to fix her mouth, and….. the surgery will cost $600. That’s an awful lot for a stray kitty they did not plan to find! And here is where the giving back comes in.
I rounded up my amazing group of wonderful and big-hearted friends. After scouring Ravelry for the perfect pattern that would be quick and easy to make, yet would keep with the spirit of helping a feline in need, I settled on Cat Basket, by Megan Lee. I got a fundraiser set up selling these baskets for $10 each, with the choice of black, grey, or orange.

This was labeled an emergency fundraiser, and I am thrilled to report that we raised ALL $600 for Cookie’s surgery in just under 48 hours! Everyone pulled together and helped this sweet little girl out and I am so honored and proud to be a part of such an outstanding group of lovely people.

Surgery is set for July 6th. Lauren wanted to get her in earlier, and called around to other vets, but nobody else felt comfortable doing this type of surgery. For now, Lauren and her family are loving all over sweet Cookie and giving her lots of food, and a warm place to sleep. The fleas are gone, she is learning to use a litter box, and she storms through that house like a tiny rhino (I know, I’ve seen it myself!

Enjoy this cuteness

Cookie Dough 3


Thank you all so much for stepping up for this baby who has already had such a hard life. I will keep everyone posted in the facebook group, as well as on the Welcome page here on the website, on how she’s doing after her surgery. And please, as always, if you have enjoyed or found value in this post, or any of my blog posts, sharing would be fantastic!

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