March Round Up

Spring Crocheting at it’s finest

I’m not even friends with March anymore. What a month and a half! Perhaps one day I’ll forgive her, but not any time soon. This has been the most stressful, terrifying, saddest, “holy shit!” of a month I’ve had in a long time. I bet I’m not the only one who feels this way, either.

At least the yarn was good. Yarn tends to make the bad not quite as bad as it could be. Allow me to try to brighten your day a little with these lovely pictures for our March Round Up. Keep your chin up. We’re not finished yet.

This Dazzle Hat really, well, dazzled me. I wasn’t sure if I could pull it off; I’m not half the knitter I am crocheter and I had never done German short rows before. But behold! It worked. Awesome 🙂

Sweet Batilda is the second bat I’ve crocheted from this pattern, and I love her. So does everyone else, it seems. I highly recommend this pattern!

The Prismatic Hat has been in my favorites for a good long time. I do have a weakness for Chroma, especially in fingering weight. See those colors? Crocheting this hat was so soothing, like crocheting little pieces of the ocean, which is fitting as the colorway is called “Fathoms.”

I updated both Leyla’s Hat and Leyla’s Mitts. The patterns have the new stylesheet, better pictures, more info, and are easier to read and follow. If you grab yourself a copy, tell me what you think!

Y’all. I crocheted bunnies for Easter and then turned right around and crocheted some dicks. I’m not even sorry.

Becoming an independent contractor for WeCrochet has been one of the best things I’ve ever done. They send me FREE YARN!! And I write patterns, and test patterns, which is like a dream come true. Every time I open a box, it’s the best day ever 

I finished this set of Maracas Bowls for the CAL in the Ravelry group, and have another almost finished. I will never ever ever get tired of playing with Dishie and making new bowls in new styles.

I sent out all the St. Patrick’s Day stuff earlier this month. This was before we all knew March 2020 was going to crash and burn. They were well received though, and I sure had a great time making them. Maybe next year we’ll all be able to congregate again and have a St. Pat’s party!

Besides all this...

I guess it’s been okay, really. Social distancing means we actually DON’T have somewhere to rush off to each day, so that’s really nice. The kids are staying in touch with their friends through Messenger for Kids, Zoom rooms, and Minecraft. I’m drinking a lot of coffee and playing with a LOT of yarn! I put up a blog post on blocking, we’ve got a CAL for Maracas Bowls on Ravelry that’s closing up and new CAL about to begin, and I released a new FREE pattern, SUNday.

If you’re crafty, I’d love to see what you’re doing! Are you crocheting, knitting, dyeing, spinning, weaving, painting, beading, sewing? How are you handling staying in for the time being? Comment and let us know! You can even link us to your blog or social media so we can all support each other. As always, if you’ve found value in this post, please tweet, pin, share. Every little action from you helps me out tremendously ♥

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