What’s UP Sunday…

Welcome back! I hope you’ve had a great week this week. We sure have. We went to Six Flags over Georgia on Monday (ghetto as all hell, not worth half the ticket price, would not recommend, but at least it was something…) the greatest Halloween party ever Friday night, and we’ve been enjoying tons of homemade desserts because it’s that time of year! And with only one more week of school left, we’re really living it up over here. I’m ready to get on with my glorious Sunday, so let’s have it.

What shall we listen to today? Sunday is a day full of music around here (really, everyday we have music, but Sundays are special.) While the little girl and I clean up the house and wait on the guys to get home from the grocery store, we like to rock out. I’m letting her pick today since I made her listen to Black Sabbath and Ozzy last Sunday (don’t let her lie to you, she liked it.) She looks to be settling on Ice Nine Kills and Melissa Etheridge. Sounds like an interesting combination, yeah? This girl always keeps me on my toes!

I cannot get enough of this Swish superwash Merino yarn today, y’all. I have been knitting a couple of cowls from the Warm Fuzzies buy that just recently closed, and this Marine Heather is the most stunning color! It’s a cross between Sapphire and Cornflower blue, but the heather is a lovely aqua that just barely peeks through in a soft sheen of fibers. It’s so soft and bouncy, and almost feels like velvet running through my fingers. When the sunlight streams through the window and hits it, it’s ethereal! I’ve long been a fan of Swish, but this particular color is really knocking me out. If you’re looking for machine-washable wool for you fall and winter crafting, click the pic and check it out! (Not an affiliate link, just sharing a great find.)

I can’t let another day go by without telling you what Isaiah and I found. It’s a coffee club called Atlas Coffee Club, and they send us coffees grown and roasted from around the world! These coffees are single-origin, meaning they haven’t been blended with cheap-ass filler coffee, and you can really taste the difference. The monthly subscription comes with an online passport that tells us all about the coffee we’re receiving that month, and lets us rate it after we’ve tried it. So far we’ve received Congo Kiniezire and El Salvador Chalatenango, and they have both been amazing! We get the lowest subscription they offer, which is $9/month and gets us a 9oz bag delivered every four weeks. It’s just enough for us to have Special Coffee Saturday three weeks out of the month with the fourth week giving us a chance to look forward to the next shipment! We’re really enjoying it and using it as part of our social studies ( #HomeschoolRocks ) If you’re interested in trying it out, clicking the picture above will get both YOU and me a $10 credit! (Yes, that is an affiliate link.)

So tell me, what are your plans for this day of rest? Is it rest? Or something else?

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