What’s UP Sunday!

Hey, what’s up? Let’s do it again. Sundays are just glorious, aren’t they? Well, at least over here they are. This is Brock’s first day of his 2 day weekend, we have no school, and it’s a great day for cleaning and baking and organizing. Thank goodness Sapphire is such a great helper. What’s UP Sunday is a little glimpse into our lives here in our humble home, and a place where you can share with our little community what you’re up to today. Are you planning your coming week? Putting together a supper menu? Going to visit family and have a traditional Sunday dinner? Or maybe…. playing with yarn? There’ll be some of that over here, I can assure you!

First, gotta have music

What better Sunday music than a little Sabbath? I've been on a bit of a Sabbath/Ozzy kick lately anyway, so today I'm diving right in. The Little Girl isn't going to be happy; she always stays home to clean with me on Sundays while the men go to the grocery store and she's currently digging on Ice Nine Kills in a bad way. I think she'll survive. I can't have her being one of those kids thinking Post Malone gave Ozzy his start...

Sourdough for the win!

Can you even believe I got this sourdough starter going back in January of this year? How crazy is that! It's the first one I haven't killed off within a month or two so I'm super proud. In fact, he's such a beast that if I forget to feed him for a day or even two, he's fine. And the flavor is exceptional, if I do say so myself. My sweet kitchen helper Tuga thought maybe we should make some sourdough cinnamon sugar donuts today. I'm thinking YES!


I can't seem to get enough kitties right now. Today I'm reclaiming the yarn from an old kitty hoodie and using it to make a bigger one for a sweet friend's baby. I can't wait to see her in it! As soon as I finish this today, I'll be moving on to finish the free samples I'm making for all the Warm Fuzzies packages. Fun day of yarn, for sure! But then again, every day there's yarn. And coffee. That's pretty much the only way I can live.

So what are your plans for this lovely Sunday? Tell us in the comments!


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2 thoughts on “What’s UP Sunday!

  1. Well… right now there is coffee, snuggles, a warm blankie, and a sleepy baby who thinks eating and snoozing is the greatest pastime. Man, it’s harder than I want it to be to drink my coffee (thanks for bringing me a cup, dh!), but I know it’s temporary and all too soon I’ll miss these slow mornings. I’m thankful that the other kids stayed up late playing ddr (yes. Old skool dance dance revolution!) and wore themselves out! Otherwise there’d be breakfast demands and other shenanigans. But in this small moment, there’s peace.

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