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August Updates

I wanted to update you a few new things. Since I’m sure you don’t want to miss anything,  I’m going to make it really easy for you to find everything. Please have a look around the site, join the facebook group, share your pics of finished items from R&R patterns, and contact me to let me know of any suggestions, requests, or questions you may have.

I just want to remind you that I love all of you so very much. You all have made this business such a joy to run and share. Thank you to everyone who continues to support ♥

OMG OMG OMG I’m finally opening a yarn shop! I can’t believe it. I signed a lease this week and everything is a total whirlwind!

A yarn shop has been my dream for about 5 years, ever since our LYS went out of business due to the aging and health decline of the owners. Now, the nearest LYS is a 45 minute drive one way.
So far, I’ve spent so much of my working capital getting the ball rolling on everything (point of sale systes are EXPENSIVE!) The thing is, I want to have a GREAT SPACE for all of us when I finally open. I want to have more than “just a few things.” If you are one of the many people who are simply dying for a yarn shop in the downtown Seneca area, please consider a small investment to help me make this the best LYS we’ve ever seen.

Get your Fairy on with this super fun and flirty scarf! Fairy Kisses combines the ethereal halo of Mohair and playful speckled coloring with crossed stitches to create row upon row of “kisses.” This scarf is worked from one short end to the other, and features picots built right into the start and finish; no going back to add them!  The best part is that you can choose to just keep going until you run out of yarn! Tie around your neck, around your waist, or in your hair. This fluffy little number can be worn so many ways. Use code FourthPromo to get 25% off this and all patterns in my Ravelry shop!

Our July CAL was very special, as we had a “red shawl” crochet-along to celebrate 100 years since women won the right to vote. Now it’s time for August!

Due to some extreme KnitCrate excitement (have you not joined yet? You can use my link to get 50% off your first box, and there is NO obligation to continue,) the July yarn looks like it’s made for the Streamline Tank. This is a free knit pattern, and this will be our first KAL in the group! I’ve got my needles ready and am eagerly awaiting the yarn. There was a bit of a delay with the boat from Peru, but it’s here now and my package has been shipped. WOOHOO!!

Please come join us. If you are not a knitter but have been wanting to try, this pattern is free and seems pretty straightforward, with just enough “special” to keep us all interested. We would LOVE to have you!

Next up for an update is my Nicole’s Faux Cable Cowl pattern. Right now, you can get the pattern for $1.99, and if you get it before the update, then the update will be free once it goes through. If you wait until after the pattern is updated, the new price will be $4.99. The update will include the new Rows and Roses pattern stylesheet, more and better information on gauge, yardage, etc., and better pictures. Grab this pattern now before the price goes up!

Last month, I updated my Key-ring Lip Balm Cozy pattern. This one was done so long ago, and while the pattern was already free of errors and the finished product was great, the way the pattern itself looked and was written just was not a good representation of R&R. I sure do hope you love the newer version as much as I do, and as much as my testers!

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  1. Do you have a shop? I tried to find it yesterday and the directions took me to a “neighborhood “ of homes…no signs, no business

    1. Yeah, that was my house 😀 I don’t have a “shop” here, but I needed a location in order to register with Google, and I do work out of my home. I conduct most of my business online, so you could join the facebook group http://www.facebook.com/groups/RowsAndRosesCrochet or you can pre-order from what I have in my store here on the website. The website store is a teeny tiny tip of the iceberg of what I do. It takes a really long time to add stuff here, but in the facebook group I run events where you can order literally anything you want that’s made of yarn.

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